Welcome to Gentrust Consumer Durables Private Limited

To be the most preferred consumer brand of choice for our customers in the categories we are present in.


The company follows an amalgamation of values and principles in order to achieve its vision:

  • Reputation: Reputation is hard to build and very difficult to rebuild. Protecting and growing the reputationof our organization, what we stand for and our Brands is at the heart of all that we will do.

  • Great Brands: Be the Brand we would be proud to associate with. Be a Brand that inspires, creates aspiration and passion and is fun.

  • Thinking and Growing organization: We will strive to put thought to every aspect of our business and our actions. Our growth and success depends on our ability to create, imagine and execute better than the rest.

  • Respect Risk: Our ability to anticipate the risks of our actions and risks to our business will guide us to long term growth. All our actions will be weighed against the long term implications to our business growth and our Brands and reputation.

  • Products and Service: Whatever we will do – we will do well. Our products and services define who we are. We will work smartly, thoughtfully and decisively towards creating high quality products served at price points that are acceptable to consumers. Our products will be backed with the best level of service possible and strive to have service standards that will be an asset to our brands.

  • Trust, Transparency and Teamwork: Our people, our working and our policies – in spirit and in letter will ensure working with trust and transparency with our stakeholders – internal and external. A culture of team work, respect for each other and shouldering responsibilities will be a central tenet for our working.

  • Our partners: The success of our brands depends on our trade partners’ trust in our brands and in us. We will treat our trade partners with same respect and considerations that we would our own internal team members. We will treat them with respect and ensure that they and their organizations are “richer” because of their relationship with us.

  • Embrace Change: Change is constant and the rate of change is faster than ever before. We will anticipate and strive to lead that change through the use of technology, innovation and creative thinking.