“I have been using spherehot geysers in my Mumbai and Jaipur house for almost 20 years. They are still working satisfactorily.”

– Rajnesh jain
  KJMC Financials

“3ltrs Star 4.5KW Very good product. Heats water in 2-3 minutes. We are using in bathroom for last 8 months. One bucket of warm water is ready in 2 minutes. If you want one more bucket, it is ready in no time. Haven’t used it in shower. Recommended to all. Fully satisfied with its performance so far.
Also I have been using other Spherehot products since last 45 years & I can proudly say that it’s one of the best company for water heaters.”

– Dilip Patel (Director)
  Prarthana Properties Pvt Ltd

“The most reliable water heating system, Spherehot. I bought my geysers a couple of years ago and it has shown great results. Come winter or summer it works spot on. I just love their prompt and quick after sale service.”

– Akash Rao (Director)
  Beetachem Industries

“I am using this product in our family holiday home,and this product is absolutely great! Never given us any complaint so far.”

– Vaishnavi Upalekar
  (Spherehot Customer)

“I have been using this water heater for 10 years now. In these 10 years I have not faced a single breakdown. I use a bathtub and the water needs to be really hot to fill it up. I never had to wait for a second round. The performance has been efficient and consistent.
The hot water in the heater stays hot for 12 hours and I take a shower again without having to heat the water again.
A great saving on electricity.
It would be a great idea if boilers could be provide with temperature controllers so that one can heat the water to the desired temperature. Excellent product.”

– Ricky | Mar 08, 2002 (mouthshut.com)

“A good water heater. Cuts off when the water gets beyond the heat setting that you have specified. Auto cuts off when there is no water supply. Three temperature settings for very hot (scalding) HOT (hot!) Warm (just warm enough) Copper bottle inside plastic casing with no on off switch. A reset button (usefull) Indicator lights that signify setting and power supply on/off. Very easy to install. Do it yourself. Just two screws and a hang on bracket.
detailed user manual. But the company has no coordination amongst their staff who are totally ignorant of each other. Service centres are well appointed all over Bombay. Home delivery is available. Not very expensive.”
A good water heater

– Rajasagar | Mar 26, 2001 (mouthshut.com)

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